Do you really want Ronald McDonald as your MC?

There are times when a McDonald’s meal is just what you need and other special times when you would willingly pay for a high quality meal with exceptional service.  There is a market for both.

The problems occur when you really want the top quality option but are shopping in the wrong place or when Ronald McDonald tries to sell you that they can provide the same service and quality food as those top class restaurants charging 5 to 10 more.

The same thing happens in the DJ marketplace, some DJ’s cater for the commodity market and compete on price, some are comfortable in the middle and others cater for the specialty top end service needed for a once in a lifetime event.  What really annoys me is when a DJ catering for the mass market (lets call them Ronald) tries to convince a client that wants the top end service, that they can deliver everything the top end DJ does, only for less investment.  This is sheer fantasy.

No matter how you dress him up, do you really want Ronald McDonald to MC your wedding?

Next time you come across a DJ claiming to be a professional wedding DJ - just check they are not wearing a red wig and big floppy shoes.  By this I mean, find out how much experience they really have delivering high end entertainment at weddings.  Compare their service offering with others.  Don’t just book based on what they tell you, actually ring their references.  Seek the opinion of the venue managers that work the receptions (not the sales people), they see lots of entertainers and can give you an unbiased opinion on who can really deliver.

If you would like to find out more about the top end service I offer, check out my website at .  If you would like the opinion of one of the best venues in South Auckland - contact Steve at Castaways (based at Kariotahi Beach just out of Waiuku)  They cater for over 100 weddings each year and see their share of Ronald’s.