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Music sets the mood and locks in memories

Ever heard a song and it has taken you to another time and place?


We will work together to create the soundtrack for your day, setting the mood when your guests arrive through to the last dance at the end of the night.

Music is also used to reinforce the various ceremonies and traditions that take place during a wedding celebration.  Song length will be edited to patch the purpose for which it will be used.  For example, if you have a long aisle and a number of bridesmaids then we may need to extend the chosed track to ensure the music does not end when you are half way down the aisle. 

Music Options

‚ÄčThere are a number of ways we can work together, some couples like to have a lot of involvement in the music selection, other are happy to leave it to the professional.  Either way, I will work with you to understand your tastes and those of your guests and ensure you all have a great time.

I have approximately 60,000 songs with me and maintain a premium DJ subscription service that enables me to download and play almost any song commercially available (provided wireless coverage).

Music selections for your wedding

Below are typical events and ceremonies where you may need to select music for your wedding.  We will work through this selection together to ensure the music flows and creates the feel you are looking for.  We can do amazing things these days with technology so if you think the song you want won't work, talk to me about how we can make it work for you. 

  • Prelude music - the music playing before the ceremony as the guests are arriving
  • Processional - walking down the aisle (may be more than one song, may need to adust the length)
  • Signing of the register (typically 5-6min)
  • Recessional - walking back up the aisle (usually upbeat)
  • Mix and Mingle - the time where guest congratulate you, photos happen, often accompanied by drinks and canapes
  • Wedding Party Entrance - may be one or multiple songs
  • Bride and Groom Entrance - may be the same as wedding party
  • Dinner Music - careful not to put your guests to sleep
  • Cutting of the cake - support the cake cutting, lots of unique and different options here
  • First Dance - special mixes and surprises possible for this one or simple and romantic
  • Father Daughter Dance - dad may choose this one - does not happen at all weddings
  • Parents Dance - another optional one but can be touching especially if you know what their first dance was
  • First open dance - the one to set the dancefloor alight
  • Bouquet Toss - for the single or unmarried ladies in the room
  • Garter Removal - you set the scene for this one
  • Reverse Garter - where the guy that caught the garter places it on the girl with the bouquet
  • Last Dance - how you and your guests finish the reception