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Apples with Apples

A used 1983 Corolla and a new Porsche are both cars but they are not the same.  

When shopping around, check you are comparing the same thing. 

4 hours music may be all you want, in which case you are just considering the quality of the different performers (and possibly the equipment they provide) compared to their price and their competition.  (The Rolling Stones are going to cost you a bit more than the local high school 'Stones' tribute band even though they may play the same songs.)

However if you are looking for something truly unique, someone to help you plan and execute the entertainment for the entire event, create unique and personal memories, and leave your guests awestruck, then you will not be able to do a direct comparison with those offering 4 hours music.

I often get asked "How much do you charge?".

A question I am happy to answer - once we both know what I am charging for.

Unfortunately there is no easy answer to the pricing question without knowing you and your vision for one of the most important and special days of your life.  Do you want just music or something more?

For budget purposes, my minimum pricing starts at $3000 with typical weddings between $4000-4500 and some exceed that.  It comes with my personal 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. This pricing is a reflection of my talent and the time required to prepare the custom content needed for your day.  Performance time and equipment on the day have much less impact.  

I have found that the pricing question generally gets asked first because couples are unsure exactly what they should be asking, have little or no idea how much they should be investing in their wedding entertainment, or they have made a guess at a budget for entertainment and are now trying to fit within this guess.

How important is the entertainment to you in the overall scheme of your wedding day?  Is it ok if your guests don't have a good time, is it ok if they go home straight after the meal? Would it be helpful to have someone work with you to plan the entertainment flow from the time your guests arrive till the end of the night?  Would that remove any stress from the day? 

I am yet to meet a couple that wants a boring or 'average' wedding. I don't offer a one size fits all service, rather one uniquely customized to you and your vision for the perfect wedding. From an entertainment perspective this will obviously result in a varying amount of preparation time as there is no way you would want someone to try and ‘wing it’ on a once in a lifetime day like your wedding.

It is also possible that many of the things I do, you will never have seen before, therefore you will have no way of determining if your are getting value or not until you have experienced samples of my work, spoken to previous clients and ultimately experienced it for yourselves.

If you place value on ‘piece of mind’ and creating the best wedding reception you and your guests have ever experienced then we would be happy to meet with you, obligation free. After learning more about you and your vision, I can give you an indication of the investment required to achieve your vision and you can make an informed decision from there.

We have many previous couples that would be thrilled for you to contact and them and discuss their experience. If you would like to do that, let me know and I will provide their contact details.

Feel free to contact me on 0800 878393.​


Planning your Wedding Budget

When my niece got married, like most couples they needed to make compromises with their budget.  To determine what should go first we did this simple exercise.

We got a block of post-it notes and wrote each thing they needed to budget for on a separate note.  I then got them to place them in the order of importance to them for their day.  The things that were really important that they could not do without went to the top and the less important things to the bottom.  Interestingly some of the items they initially thought important and had allocated more budget to, got moved down the list and others moved up.  This meant the important things got the budget they deserved, not what was left after paying for the big items.